Learning Language Arts through Literature: The Gold Book--British Lit

Learning Language Arts through Literature: The Gold Book--British Lit
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The Gold Book--British Literature includes 36 weekly lessons similar in format to the other editions of the Learning Language Arts Through Literature series. Written in conversational form, with story summaries and complete answers provided for the discussion questions, this book is easy for any teacher to use. Information has been interwoven into the lessons so that the student becomes familiar with famous British authors.

The book is designed for teacher directed use, or the student can use it on his own. Answers are found at the end of each lesson. We recommend the student keep a four-section notebook for assigned writings.

The Gold Book--British Literature contains a section on the history of poetry, and a selection of famous British novels and poetry throughout the Romantic, Victorian, and Modern Eras. The student analyzes selections of literature, learns literary terminology, writes characterizations and other short analyses, essays, book reviews, and poetry.

Required Literature: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley; Emma by Jane Austen; A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens; The Time Machine by H. G. Wells; Animal Farm by George Orwell; A British Poetry Anthology compiled by Common Sense Press (replaces The Mentor Book of Major British Poets)

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